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Two Dogs Pizza House & Taproom adheres to the strict principles of California Pizza. Our fresh, never-frozen dough is made in-house every day, using all natural "OO" flour imported from Italy. The sauce for our pizzas is made from Campo Grande Pomodorini-Perati Hall tomatos, and our mozzarella cheese is direct from Italy, to insure flavor, consistency and proper dryness during our cooking process.

Two Dogs pizzas are thin-crust, but are most definitely not “New York style”. They are meant to be eaten with your hands and are crafted using only the highest quality ingredients available. Our pizzas are fired in our specially built wood-fired oven, that can reache 800 degrees and cook our pizzas in under 190 seconds for a tasty, delicate & light, slightly charred dough.


Phone:  03-5413-0333


               (Mon-Fri) 11:30 - 14:30pm

               (Closed for lunch on holidays)

Dinner:     (Sun - Mon)   17:00 - 23:00
(Tue - Thu)    17:00 - 23:45 
                  (Fri- Sat)      17:00 - 26:00 
             Last Order 30mins before close

Two Dogs Taproom Roppongi
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